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Life is better when you're creating! Unlock new parts of yourself as you explore a world of colour and creation! No matter who you are - young or old - our arts and crafts promise and all-new adventure. Explore colour variations using paint brushes and rollers, decorate clothing and shoes, or build something with your hands. Whether you’re looking for a solo creative outlet, or a fun new group activity, we’ve got you covered!

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Why buy Heritage Craft Products Paints?

There are many paint options out there. So why buy Heritage Craft Products?

  • Our paints have the highest pigment concentration - resulting in the brightest possible colours

  • Our acrylics are water-based - ensuring you are always safe while crafting

  • We use the best ingredients - resulting in an extremely long-lasting quality

  • Despite being one of the highest quality paints on the market, we are also one of the most affordable



Everything you need to create a masterpiece!

At Heritage Crafts, our specialist team of kit designers have gone to great lengths to ensure that everything you need is neatly bundled into every kit purchase. We’ve thought of everything: all you need to do is bring the creativity! And with our wide range of different options, you won’t struggle to find something that sparks your interest and keeps the whole family entertained! 


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Craft together and save!

When people get together creativity can truly flourish. After all, nothing brings us together like an activity that encourages fun and using our imaginations.


  • Craft together as a family or with friends

  • Create uniquepresents as a group at weddings, birthdays and baby showers


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