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Gifts don't get more unique than this

The perfect gift lasts forever. It is more than just an item – it is an experience, a moment frozen in time. At Heritage Craft Products, our kits are so much more than another item that will get discarded. Buy a personal kit that enables your loved ones to embark on a cherished memory, create a unique piece of art for your parents, or give your friends a voucher that enables them to discover more about themselves. Art is food for the soul.


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Have you ever wondered how you can express genuine love and emotion in a gift? There are few ways as powerful as creating a unique piece of art for someone. Every stroke of your brush, every layer of paint, each passing second used to create a masterpiece – these things shine far brighter more most people than simply buying a gift. Connect with your loved ones in new ways with Heritage Craft kits.

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When people get together creativity can truly flourish. After all, nothing brings us together like an activity that encourages fun and using our imaginations.


  • Craft together as a family or with friends

  • Create uniquepresents as a group at weddings, birthdays and baby showers


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